Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Letter from Sarah Vorst

A letter from Sarah Vorst 

This is the 70 year old woman who was beaten to within inches of her life.   She was accused of assisting the supposed pedophile ring in Nachlaot, Jerusalem.

Please see Letters from the Rabbis for further information on this.

At least in my case, dinei nefashos were never followed. I had no idea that there was any "investigation" of me until a week before the attack when I learned that I might be in danger. On the night of the attack, my apartment was ransacked in a futile search for pornographic videos and trap doors to the alleged tunnels. Not only is there (and has never been) any evidence to support any of the outrageous accusations, but there was more than ample evidence to refute those accusations. Much of that evidence was on an external storage drive which was stolen. Now I'm left not only with my name besmirched all over the media, but also with tremendous expenses to recover or repair the extensive damage to my body and my property.
>> As for our "controversial" conversion program, there will always be a few disgruntled students who will not be committed to following basic halachah. We state clearly on our web site that we only prepare students to live as responsible Jews. Actual conversion, which we do not guarantee, is up to the beis din. We will not present a student to the beis din until she demonstrates both stability and a commitment to Torah and mitzvos by steady progression toward the goal of compliance with halachah.
>> As for the accusations of extortion, we have never turned away someone for financial reasons. When there were enough students, we rented an apartment which served as a dorm. Since we were not subsidized and only occasionally received donations for the program, we expected the students to pay their fair share according to their ability. I have never taken a salary and often paid teachers or other expenses from my own funds. This could hardly be called extortion.
>> As for any associates suspected of misconduct, we severed any connection with anyone under such suspicion as soon as there seemed to be any evidence of validity to the suspicions. According to the laws of shmiras halashon, we did not go around publicizing this severance of the association.
>> Thank you for "listening," and should you choose to pass on any of this information, please do not include my email address. 
>> Sarah Vorst


  1. This woman employed Zalman Cohen the cruel pedophile of Nachlaot. He gave Life Coaching lessons to the converts. He also raped some of the converts. He brought children to the office of OSI and if Mrs Vorst didn't know about this she must be blind.
    She was told that Zalman raped her converts.
    She knew about it.
    Rabbi Eliyashiv closed down OSI due to the problems with Zalman.
    Why have the Rabonim in Nachlaot come out with these letters denying that there was pedophilia in Nachlaot and why have they withheld the true facts about Sarah Vorst.

    1. You are making many accusations in your comment. If you have proof for any of them, you should be bringing that evidence to the police.
      1. You call Zalman Cohen a cruel pedophile. This is outright slander that is unsubstantiated.
      2. Zalman Cohen was not employed by Sarah Vorst.
      3. How do you know that he raped some of the converts? There have been no official complaints to the police. Again if you have evidence, you should go to the police.
      4. None of the letters from the Rabbis are written by Nachlaot Rabbis. The letters are from the leading Rabbis of our Generation, Yad LeAchim, and other Rabbis who were appointed to investigate the situation in Nachlaot.
      5. The Rabbis do not deny that there was any pedophilia in Nachlaot. (Did you read the letters?)

    2. 6. No one, including Rabbi Eliyashiv zt"l, ever closed down OSI.
      Leah, you say "He brought children to the office of OSI"
      Could you please tell me what you are talking about?

  2. Sarah I remember you registering students for Zalman Cohen's life coaching classes. YOU and Vivienne Damelin plus Yaffa Batya Dacosta kept telling the Har Nof audience how wonderful he is. You kept relocating the meetings to different locations each time and I asked the whole class if it didn't seem that you were trying to elude detection by police. That's a common evasion tactic: keep moving the location.

  3. Dear Worried,
    It is not the intention of this blog to post accusations and insinuations about various people. There are plenty of other blogs that will be happy to post your comments if you want to besmirch someone. As far as your other comment, you are correct that Zalman gave life couching to a few of Sarah Vorst's students. However, this took place at the OSI. If any students decided to continue with sessions outside of OSI, I do not know. Also, he did give a short lecture at the OSI on Creative Life Skills. However he was never an empoyee of Sarah or the OSI. What is your point??

  4. My point is, that the idea of such a blog-website should be that we could gather an unbiased view of what really happened in our neighborhood and know for the future how to protect our kids or who to extend a helpful hand to and ask mechila too, we have to try and protect our neighborhood and what I mean by that is the kids and also adults who might be accused wrongly of this horrible things,
    So your right no one should accuse anyone of anything but you should definitely be able to voice your unbiased opinion.

    1. If you live in the neighborhood and have first hand knowledge of anything going on please feel free to share it on this blog.

  5. Well I have first hand knowledge in regards to a few different points but you for some reason wont publish them, For instance, new evidence has come up in regards of Sarah Vorst and her involvement who I will hope to publish here soon, If you let me. The person who dies recently and DID fund a private investigator had NOTHING to do with Mrs Vorst being attacked. One of the guys that got arrested for beating Mrs Vorst is going through a heck load of suffering without even have done anything. The guys who where involved left the country right after the attack. Zalman Cohen has been sentence but I can find any details in regards to what extent. And yes, there are people who got wrongly accused of being part of the "Pedophile gang" but dont sayy it is none existent.

    1. You say you have first hand knowledge but I do not know what it is, so how can I post it. If you want, please write me what you know.
      In answer to the specific points you raised:
      1. The children that accused Sarah Vorst were brought to Sarah Vorst's house afterwards and stated that they never had been there. This was with the father present. No tunnels were ever found. The stories were so ridiculous that I am surpised that anyone could believe them.
      2. If the guy that was arrested for beating Sarah Vorst did not do anything, why was he arrested? Are you referring to the Swiss person or are you referring to M.? Are they now claiming that they were not involved? The other two involved in the attack did flee to America as you stated.
      3. As far as I know Zalman Cohen has not been sentenced which is why you are not able to find any details about it.

    2. No Comments will be published with names that has not yet been mentioned by the courts. Please use initials.

  6. As for the Swiss boy, Mrs. Vorst never accused him of taking anything, nor was she able to identify him when the police asked her to do so. The forensic evidence is apparently what they are holding him on. He probably got sucked into the deal, and when he saw how serious it was, it was too late to get out. It seems that there is an idea that M. should be out on house arrest so he can be with his family, where as the Swiss kid is getting the raw end of the deal.
    I have heard from various sources that he is sorry for his participation, and I hope that he has a good lawyer who is able to get him out of the situation he is in.

  7. This misinformation you just published is just another proof of how uninformed you are.
    M. has been under house arrest for the passed 3month as has the Swiss boy, further the only forensic evidence the police have is DNA of M.

    And I am not quite sure you can call it sorry what the swiss boy is, since I have learned from quite some people who have actually been to visit him, that he is going through absolute hell with being sucked into this and he had absolutely no involvement with the beating but was much rather in the wrong place at the wrong time and since the guys who did do it escaped, he is being blamed for everything.

    So now that we have established that this information is wrong, what about all the other things you claim ? Or will this post also not get published ?

    1. If there is no forensic evidence against the Swiss boy and Mrs. Vorst is not accusing him of anything, then why are the police holding him? Yes, I agree with you that he is going through hell.
      As I was not there when Mrs. Vorst was beaten up, you are correct that I do not know the details. If you know the details, you are welcome to post them here.
      1. What was the Swiss boy doing there at the time of the beating?
      2. Why is he being implicated if he did not do anything?
      What misinformation am I posting?

      You are welcome to repost your last post if you do not use any names that have not yet been made public.